Budget 08-09 News

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BANGLADESH: According to BGMEA president Budget 2008-09 is not export-friendly
[Jun 15, 2008] Exporters criticised parts of the budget for what they said was a lack of clear focus on exports, a day after it was proposed by finance and planning adviser AB Mirza Azizul Islam."

INDIA: No remedial measures for sick textile sector
[Mar 01, 2008] Although concern was expressed at the slackening manufacturing sector growth, specially textile and

INDIA: Budget shatter hopes of textile industry
[Mar 01, 2008] The hope of relief package for textile industry from the Budget has been shattered...

INDIA: Impact of budget on textile sector
[Mar 01, 2008] Budget 08 is fail to fulfill textile sectors expectations. Actually what the budget does is

INDIA: Extremely disappointment for textile sector
[Feb 29, 2008] The textile industry has expressed disappointment at the union budget, as the package is expected to include reduction in excise duty

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