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ZIMBABWE: Demand to raise cotton prices
[Feb 23, 2011] Cotton prices in Zimbabwe are likely to rise owing to firm demand on the international market.

INDIA: Ban on export of cotton waste
[Jan 09, 2011] The Madurai Textile Exporters Association today demanded a ban on export of cotton waste to rein in the prices of cotton yarn and suggested regulated export of raw cotton to protect domestic textile units.

INDIA: Rains dampen cotton output in Haryana
[Nov 18, 2010] Kharif cotton production has declined in Haryana this year because of widespread floods which impacted almost all parts of north India and migration of farmers to other crops.

INDIA: knitwear and textile units oppose cotton export policy
[Nov 09, 2010] Over 1,000 Ludhiana-based knitwear and textile units have come out against the cotton export policy of the Union government.

INDIA: Global cotton industry criticizes India over export restrictions
[Nov 01, 2010] India’s decision to restrict cotton exports to 55 lakh bales this season is facing criticism from global cotton industry representatives and is being charged as a violation of World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

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