Budget 07-08

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USA: J. W. Hulme Company Announces The Frederic Remington Collection
[Jun 15, 2008] An exclusive agreement with the Frederic Remington Art Museum makes new limited edition art available to Remington and western art collectors, some of it in the form of genuine buffalo leather bags.

PAKISTAN: Budget 07-08 disappointing for textile sector
[Jun 17, 2007] The budget presented by the government for the fiscal 2007-2008 is highly disappointing.

PAKISTAN: Spinners not pleased with Budget 2007-08
[Jun 14, 2007] The 2007-08 budget has failed to impress the spinners as the government has agreed to take three percen interest amounting to Rs 600 million.

PAKISTAN: Textile sector was expecting Rs 100 billion from federal budget
[Jun 11, 2007] The textile industry was expecting Rs 100 billion relief package from the federal budget 2007-08. But the allocation made by the government has failed to boost industrial growth and exports.

PAKISTAN: Textile millers to observe token strike
[Jun 06, 2007] The textile millers who waited for the government to announcesome relief package in this years budget ( 2007-08) have decided to

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