Budget 07-08

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INDIA: Downslide feared in textile exports
[Apr 26, 2007] The annual supplement to the Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) has baffled the exporters as there is a fight between the commerce and finance ministries on the exemption

INDIA: Synthetic fibre manufacturers to benefit from TUFS
[Apr 23, 2007] The textile industry will have to share the TUFS benefits with the likes of Reliance, Grasim Industries and IndoRama. This has became evident

INDIA: GEA not satisfied with union budget 2007-08
[Mar 24, 2007] The steps of extending technology upgradation funds for five years with enhanced allocation of funds from Rs 540 crores to Rs 910 crores during 2007 -08, reduction in custom duty...

INDIA: Govt exempts textile processing industry from tax
[Mar 23, 2007] The Maharashtra state government in budget 2007-08 has exempted the textile processing industry from tax till imposition of vale added tax (VAT)...

INDIA: Texprocil welcomes Union Budget 2007-08
[Mar 05, 2007] The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council (Texprocil) has welcomed the Union Budget 2007-08 for continuation of Technology Upgradation Fund (TUF) scheme during the Eleventh Plan...

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