Indian Budget 2006

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BANGLADESH: Textiles and power sectors see risks
[Jun 12, 2006] Ongoing labour unrest in the textile sector can badly affect Bangladesh's aim of achieving record seven percent growth in the next fiscal year; analysts say...

INDIA: Textile Industry upbeat over duty-cut and fund flow
[Mar 18, 2006] Now, cotton and polyester are on level-playing duty turf and textile industry is expecting major gains in the years ahead on the back of the Finance Minister's decision to cut key duties and enhance the allocation for the technology upgradation fund in the Budget 2006-07...

THAILAND: B120m proposed for Centre of Excellence to help garment manufacturers
[Mar 11, 2006] A budget of 120 million baht has been proposed to establish a "Centre of Excellence" and a pilot plant to help local garment manufacturers produce world-class apparel at an affordable cost.

INDIA: Increase in allocation for TUF will attract investments: GEA
[Mar 06, 2006] The increase in allocation for Technology Upgradation Fund and provision for Scheme for Integrated Textiles Parks in the Budget '06, will promote investments in the textile industry...

INDIA: POY manufacturers not happy with budget
[Mar 04, 2006] Decrease in excise duty from 16 per cent to eight per cent may have pleased the textile industry, but polyester yarn (POY) manufacturers in Surat do not think it will help them weave a brighter future...

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