Indian Budget 2006

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INDIA: Surat's mills boosted by Budget 2006
[Mar 04, 2006] Surat cheered most when finance minister P Chidambaram made his budget speech on on February 28...

INDIA: Textile industry considers the budget 2006 enthusiastic
[Mar 03, 2006] Bharat Textile. com contacted some of authority persons concerning textile industry and wanted to know their opinions upon the budget.

INDIA: Rs 241 cr not sufficient for handloom sector: Sivakannan
[Mar 02, 2006] The budget 06 proposal of Rs 241 crore under the higher fund allocation for the handloom sector is a positive move towards development...

INDIA: TEXPROCIL appreciates duty cut on textile machinery
[Mar 02, 2006] The reduction in customs duty for specified textile machinery to 10 pct which is a step in the right direction has been welcomed by the Cotton Textile...

INDIA: Textile companies to achieve $ 50 bn by 2010
[Mar 01, 2006] The FMs budget has delivered for textile sector, as the sops will help to boost domestic and export demand for the textiles companies of the country...

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