Indian Budget 2005

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INDIA: Apparel exporters unclear of policies of Punjab Budget 05-06
[Mar 24, 2005] State industrial community expressed its disappointment, saying the budget 'lacked' any major initiatives for its rejuvenation. Nothing is clear from this budget as to how the government will implement its policies...

INDIA: Budget could have been better
[Mar 11, 2005] The Budget has provided incentive packages to improve the cost-competitiveness and profitability of all segments of the textile industry...

INDIA: Service tax on business auxiliary services (BAS)
[Mar 03, 2005] After including even a job worker under the purview of Business Auxiliary Services, this Finance Bill fortunately clarifies and even exempts it, of course to a certain extent...

INDIA: Kanara Chamber hopeful of exporters setting up unit at EPIP
[Mar 02, 2005] Boost to textile sector should encourage industrialists to set up units at the proposed Export Promotion Industrial Park in Mangalore.

INDIA: SISSPA welcomes duty cut on polyester filament yarn
[Mar 02, 2005] The South India Small Spinners Association has welcomed the lowering of the excise duty on polyester filament yarn to 16 per cent in the Budget...

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