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INDIA: Moody's upgrades Sovereign Credit Ratings for 4th time
[Jan 11, 2012] On 20th December, 2011, Moody's Investor Services released a credit rating update for India. It upgraded the rating on long-term government bonds denominated in domestic currency from Bal to Baa3 (from speculative to investment grade).

INDIA: Manufacturing sector performance moderates
[Jul 11, 2011] Out of 135 sectors covered by the CII ASCON survey, the number of sectors reporting excellent growth has declined while the share of sectors reporting high and moderate growth have increased.

INDIA: May 2011 records second highest FDI equity inflow
[Jul 11, 2011] FDI Equity Inflows Touches US $ 4.664 Billion for Month of May 2011. Second highest FDI Equity Inflow Received in any Month for the Last Eleven Financial Years

IRAN: Petrochemical products sale stood at 6 $ billion
[Sep 14, 2010] Total petrochemical products sale by the Petrochemical Commercial Company, including exports, stood at six billion dollars during the first 4.5 months of the Iranian calendar year.

VIETNAM: Development brings on labor shortage in HCM City
[Sep 07, 2010] Lacking blue-collar workers and medium-class managers has become a chronic disease in companies located in industrial zones (IZs) and export processing zones (EPZs) in HCM City.

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