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INDIA: Huntsman Obtains Court Order Against Kiri Dyes
[Jun 11, 2009] The Textile Effects division of Huntsman Corporation announced it has obtained an order from the High Court of Mumbai against Kiri Dyes & Chemicals Ltd, a manufacturer of reactive dyes in India, for infringing a patent belonging to Huntsman.

AUSTRALIA: How the US became legal sanctuary for industrial pirates
[Aug 24, 2007] Whether Australia is the world’s most inventive country is an interesting question to ask. But the question is whether or not we can commercialize our inventions, so that they become assets.

USA: Philips's patent allows displays on fabric
[Apr 25, 2007] Philips had filed a patent application in September 2004 for a new invention that allows displays on fabric. The new technology invented by George...

UKRAINE: Textile trade agreement with EU extended till 2007
[Dec 09, 2006] The textile trade goods agreement to facilitate preservation of Ukrainian textile exporters' free access to the European market has been extended till 2007...

INDIA: Delay in duty drawback release affects apparel industry
[Jul 27, 2006] The delay in releasing duty drawback by government is adversely affecting the apparel industry, Vijay Agarwal, chairman, Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC)...

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