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CHINA: Apparel Industry Research in China shows tremendous growth
[Nov 11, 2011] Despite unfavorable global economic conditions, Chinese apparel industry has witnessed tremendous growth over the last few years. The government’s efforts along with extended participation by the private domestic players have boosted the Chinese textile and apparel industry.

USA: Chemicals affecting textile sales
[Oct 20, 2011] In the wake of renewed consumer concern about the chemicals used in clothes and footwear and their potential for harmful effect on both individuals and the environment, national and international regulatory frameworks have been created.

INDIA: Technical Textiles - 20% growth is likely
[Oct 19, 2011] India has all that it takes to harness this technology oriented sector, and provides a huge opportunity, both as an investment destination, and as a robust market for technical textiles.

CHINA: Gucci outlet in China accused of cruel behaviour with employees
[Oct 16, 2011] Employees at a luxury goods manufacturer Gucci outlet in China were subjected to "torture" and "cruel behaviour" during working hours, it has emerged.

USA: NYC designer excited as Michelle Obama wore her gown to state dinner
[Oct 16, 2011] A Korean-American fashion designer, who is based in New York, was on top of the world after US First Lady Michelle Obama wore one of her creations to the White House state dinner for South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and his wife Kim Yoon-ok.

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