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USA: Nashua Handknits Offers Gorgeous Knit Projects, Patterns And Books
[Mar 15, 2009] New Nashua Handknits Website Offers Gorgeous Knit Projects, Patterns And Books For The Natural Fiber Yarn Lover

ITALY: aleXsandro Palombo Creates the World’s First Designer
[Oct 15, 2008] Italian designer aleXsandro Palombo, designer’s knitwear is now available for customers seeking originality and exclusivity.

UK: Alpaca Gaining Ground on Cashmere
[Jul 31, 2008] Luxury knitwear designer Samantha Holmes reports a significant increase in demand for alpaca yarn as UK consumers look for an alternative to cashmere clothing. Alpaca fibre is known to have several advantages over traditional cashmere wool.

CHINA: Pai Lung Reaches Key Milestone with Computerized Flat Knitting Machine
[Jul 23, 2008] Pai Lung, always recognized for creating the highest level of knitting technology, and the first Computerized Flat Knitting Machine-PLF-KS132, is going to be a highlight at the show, along with many of its special fabrics available for presentation.

ITALY: 14th INTERTEX MILANO exhibition
[Feb 21, 2008] 14th INTERTEX MILANO – International Textile Exhibition and 12th READY TO SHOW – International Clothing Sourcing Exhibitionwas held on February 13 to 15, 2008 at Palazzo delle Stelline Exhibition Center, MILAN, ITALY.

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