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BANGLADESH: Cotton yarn prices has increase in the local market
[Feb 15, 2008] Cotton yarn prices has increase in the local market as compared to Indian market.

INDIA: The knitwear city has become a Corporation
[Nov 18, 2007] The knitwear city has become a Corporation. And Coimbatore has a unique distinction - having two municipal corporations in a revenue district in the State, Coimbatore and Tirupur. The citizens by their hard work and

UK: Knitting for charitable causes
[Nov 17, 2007] Doris Breton does knitting for charitable causes. Last week Breton, and members of her two knitting circles, handed over some 450 items to Janice Smith from the SHARE Fund that Smith, in turn, will allocate to needy families, including those living in the Homeless Shelter on Rochester Neck Road.

PAKISTAN: Knitwear exporters facing shortage of workforce
[Oct 28, 2007] The knitwear industry is flooded with export orders which are mainly coming from India. The knitwear sector which was struggling for survival in the last two years has suddenly found itself in the limelight again. It is now regretting its decision of cutting jobs earlier.

INDIA: Knitwear industry is in terrible condition
[Oct 10, 2007] The knitwear industry in Tirupur is in severe crisis. Nearly one lakh people are facing job losses. Another 40,000 are facing threat of being laid off in the granite industry. The powerloom sector and the cotton yarn industry are the worst hit, as the appreciating rupee has resulted in fewer export orders, and lesser

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