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USA: Knitting is back with a bang
[Aug 16, 2007] Knitting is back. Its new status is evident on the Internet where knitting groups, blogs, video tutorials and podcasts are present in abundance. The Yarn Craft Council of America estimates that 53 million women in the United States knit or crochet. The number of female knitters between the ages of 25 and

USA: Books to teach knitting
[Aug 03, 2007] Even if you have never held a knitting needle before, there is a quick and easy way to add this fun, creative and practical skill to your life with the help of this book called "I Can't Believe I'm Knitting", which teaches the intricacies of this classic art.

CANADA: Knitting firm’s strategy pays off
[Jul 21, 2007] The textile firm “Silver Spider Knitting” had to think fast when an order for 20,000 units in time for the under-20 world football tournament came knocking on doors of the company. Silver Spider Knitting is one of the few surviving textile firms in Canada and a specialist in knitting toques and sweaters.

UK: Organic wool knitwear range to be launched in autumn
[Jul 17, 2007] Marks & Spencer, largest clothing retailer was on a tour to Australia to source the highest quality organic wool for their next clothing range.

UK: Knit & Crochet Show in New Hampshire from July 13-15
[Jul 05, 2007] Radisson Manchester Hotel Center of New Hampshire will host A Knit & Crochet Show from July 13-15.

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