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AUSTRALIA: PAS Group acquires fashion brand Metalicus
[Nov 04, 2007] Australian fashion brand Metalicus, has been acquired by The PAS Group. The details of the transaction are still not available. The Metalicus brand is known for its stretch bodywear.

INDIA: Himatsingka acquires DWI Holdings for Rs 119 crore
[Oct 20, 2007] Himatsingka Seide has completed the acquisition of 100% stake in DWI Holdings Inc for $30 million (Rs 119.16 crore)which was acquired through its wholly owned subsidiary, Himatsingka America Inc.

NEW ZEALAND: Apparel Brands acquires Norsewear sale
[Oct 07, 2007] Iconic New Zealand clothing brand Norsewear has been sold to clothing company Apparel Brands, which is to continue manufacturing in New Zealand. Because of this some jobs in the company are in doubt. Norsewear is a manufacturer

CANADA: Canadian textile firm hires two former Quaker executives
[Oct 05, 2007] The Canadian textile firm Victor Innovatex which acquired Quaker last month, took another step in its effort to revive the bankrupt Quaker Fabric Corp., hiring two former top Quaker executives. It has reopened the Fall River plant Quaker shut down in July after

GERMANY: DyStar acquires Indian textile testing institute
[Sep 30, 2007] Textile dye-stuff and auxiliary chemicals supplier DyStar Textilfarben GmbH has acquired a majority stake in India based Texanlab, the textile testing institute. Texanlab is one of the largest textile testing institutes in Asia

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