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INDIA: Govt. funding for tech textile research
[Feb 24, 2011] A senior government official has said that government funding for technical textile research will give a fillip to the sunrise industry.

CHINA: China catching up with Japan in textile technology
[Oct 20, 2010] The technological level of China's textile industry is catching up with that of Japan amid large annual budgetary assistance from the Chinese government.

SYRIA: French technologies upgrading Syrian textile
[Oct 20, 2010] Syria and France discussed means of benefiting from the French technologies in upgrading the competitiveness of the Syrian textile industry.

USA: Consolidated Graphics Provides Personalized Promotion
[Sep 28, 2010] Orange County Printing (OCP), a Consolidated Graphics, Inc. (NYSE: CGX) company, officially announced the launch of Forte Select, a line of personalized promotional gift and apparel items.

USA: Stylesight Announces S/S 12 Student Prints & Graphics Competition
[Sep 22, 2010] Stylesight, the leading global provider of trend content, tools and technology for the fashion and style industries, announces the eighth consecutive season of its noted Student Prints & Graphics Competition.

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