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JAPAN: Bilateral trade to Touch USD 25 Billion by 2014: Anand Sharma
[Feb 19, 2011] Shri Anand Sharma, Union Minister of Commerce and Industry and Japanese Foreign Minister, Mr. Seiji Maehara signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) between India and Japan today. This Agreement is the most ambitious agreement signed by India so far and covers trade in goods, services and investment under its ambit.

INDIA: Exports to the US have risen by close to 20 % in July
[Sep 14, 2010] According to textile and apparel industry sources, exports to the US have risen by close to 20 per cent for the month of July. While the square metre equivalent (sme) of textile and apparel exports from India rose from 1606.225 million sme in July 2009 to 1924.060 million sme in July 2010.

INDIA: Textile exporters ride out of slowdown
[Aug 31, 2010] Textile exporters, who had been facing soft demand in key markets of the US and Europe as the developed economies struggled to shrug off a severe economic downturn, are once again seeing order flow that could lead to a turnaround in fortunes.

PAKISTAN: Pakistan to import 1 million cotton bales from India
[Aug 31, 2010] Pakistani spinners have finalised deals with Indian exporters for import of one million bales of cotton since cotton crop has been extensively damaged in the floods that ravaged the country.

TAIWAN: Textile exports recover to 2008 level
[Aug 31, 2010] Taiwan’s exports of textile goods decreased last year due to the global financial crisis, but this year have recovered nearly to the 2008 level.

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