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INDIA: Export Grows 34.4% in April 2011: Commerce Secretary
[May 14, 2011] India's exports have registered a growth of 34.4% during April 2011, at US $ 23.9 billion. Shri Rahul Khullar, Commerce Secretary, informed that during interaction with the press.

PAKISTAN: Pakistan does not need special treatment: Euratex
[May 12, 2011] EURATEX hopes that during the discussions with the Council and the European Parliament this negative aspect can be offset through a reduction in the vulnerability threshold and an improvement in the existing Textile Safeguard Clause, making it applicable both to Textiles and Clothing and reducing the launching threshold.

EU: EU institutions finally agree to simplify regulations
[May 12, 2011] The European Parliament (EP) is expected to adopt the proposal relating to the Regulation on Textile Names and Labelling, during the second reading. The decision is important because, on the one hand, it puts an end to a stalling debate, and, on the other hand, it simplifies the EU regulation and hence, improves the operation of the single market.

PAKISTAN: Textile exports can touch $15bn mark
[Feb 25, 2011] Pakistanís textile exports can rise to at least $ 15 billion in next two years from the present figure of $ 9 billion per annum by ensuring uninterrupted supply of gas, electricity and water at the affordable and supportive prices to the textile industry along with availability of standard infrastructure, matching incentives and facilities.

INDIA: Ceiling on yarn exports lifted
[Feb 23, 2011] The recent export ceiling imposed on yarn manufacturers has been lifted, subject to some conditions, on makers of value-added speciality yarn and technical yarn.

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