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INDIA: Sops for the Textiles Industry
[Oct 14, 2011] In his announcements for the Foreign Trade Policy (2009-14) here yesterday, Shri Anand Sharma, the Union Minister of Textiles, announced various incentives for the Textiles sector. The sector is reeling under economic uncertainty at global level and pulls and pressure at domestic levels.

INDIA: Khadi Textiles get more boost from Govt
[Sep 12, 2011] The Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises through Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) has been implementing a number of schemes that, inter alia, aim to promote khadi sector.

INDIA: Textile Policy restructured
[Sep 12, 2011] Government has enhanced allocation under restructured TUFs from Rs. 8000 crores to Rs. 15404 crores to catalyze investments in hitherto low investment areas like processing, weaving, knitting, technical textiles and skill centres.

INDIA: Committee to investigate Tirupur textile issues
[Sep 12, 2011] Tirupur Exporters Association has represented to Government that export revenues of Rs. 1100 crore were lost and job losses of nearly 100,000 workers has taken place, due to closure of Dyeing units in Tirupur.

INDIA: Export Promotion Council Status to KVIC
[Aug 12, 2011] To increase the export of KVI products the Ministry of Commerce and Industries has given Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) the status of deemed Export Promotion Council (EPC) vide notification dated 11 December 2006.

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