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Cutch Oil and Allied Industries Private Limited
310 Hari Chambers, 58/64, S. B. Singh Road, Mumbai - 400 023, India
Manufacturer and Exporter

Company Overview:

Manufacturer and Exporter of Chemicals Including Cationic Surfactants, Softening Agents, Wetting Agents Used As a Softening Agent for Textiles. Also Exports Organoclay, Speciality Refined Clays, Refined Bentonites for Coatings and Lubricants.

Company Profile:
Incepted in the year 1949, Cutch Oil & Allied Industries Pvt. Ltd.

is one of the most distinguished and well renowned manufacturer and exporter of smectone clay, bentonite clay and other superior speciality refined clays.

The company is the largest established manufacturer's and exporters of a wide range of specialty clays in India and is also one of the most experienced and skilled player in the field of organoclays, rheological additive, refined bentonites, china clays (kaolins), attapulgites and cationic surfactants.

They commenced manufacturing operations of non-edible oils and value added derivatives.

Within a decade they steadily grew into an efficient corporate entity. Armed with a strong in house R&D and indigEnolls technology, they effectively planned expansion and prepared themselves with strategically located units to take on the growing overseas organically markets and to compete internationally with their established quality 'Srnectone' organoclays and services in the global arena.

Having instituted comprehensive operational procedures and in line quality control techniques, right from procurement of raw material to production and packing coupled with efficient after-sales service.

Over the past half a century, they have expanded significantly and acquired the best facilities at strategic locations required in this field to manufacture and deliver technologically advanced world class plOducts of standing quality globally.
The company is pioneer in manufacturing quality refined specially Bentonite powders and superior import substitute smectone additives and specialty clays in India with indigenous technology and Services to compliment.

Contact Details:
Cutch Oil and Allied Industries Private Limited
310 Hari Chambers, 58/64, S. B. Singh Road, Mumbai - 400 023, India
Call: +(91)-(22)-22673174
Fax: +(91)-(22)-22679877

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