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Lakme India Fashion Week 2003 :: Meera & Muzaffar Ali

Through a decade of detailing and upgrading craft of Lucknow and Kotwara, Meera & Muzaffar Ali have brought centuries' old tradition back to life. Their endeavour has been to look at style in the broadest sense of the concept and create products with a universal appeal and relevance. By using the sense of fine detailing, which has evolved in India over the centuries, the range extends from innovations in Indian and western forms using simple craft techniques of chikan, zardozi, tukdi and appliqué with hand detailing to create dramatic effects. The label of Kotwara has thus acquired a style of its own which is both avant-garde and traditional and evokes an image which is an interesting blend of detailing and innovation, modernity and old world charm. Clothes for Meera and Muzaffar Ali are the epitome of inner grace, the essence of nostalgia, the fragrance of the present, and the dream of the future. Muzaffar Ali, filmmaker, painter and designer, draws deep inspiration from Sufi poetry and music. Each day in Kotwara they dream to look ahead, create new feelings, innovate new details.

E-mail: meera_n_muzaffar_ali