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Vaishali S.

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Her journey started with breaking out of the society prescribed life to pursue her artistic leanings. Those leanings got concretized and took the shape of obnoxiously literal garments crafted from gossamer like loom-woven textiles.

Over the years Vaishali has brought an ease into the slightly stiff DNA of a woven sari with her spirit of innovation and morphed the yardage into myriad, easy to wear, forms. An avid explorer whose ears are trained to follow the faint yet compelling 'clack-clack' of the distant looms that promise variegated palette and texture, Vaishali, donning the mantle of an intrepid explorer, travels there with gusto. The journey of the label Vaishai S began in 2007 and within few years acquired a daunting identity.

Vaishali brews a heady concoction where glamorous, modern silhouette is stirred with honest loom fabric and sprinkled with the fragrance of soil from a distant village.

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View "Ravayat" collection by Vaishali S. at Lakme Fashion Week - Summer/Resort 2014
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