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Neeta Lulla & Nishka Lulla

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Stefan Hafner, Nakshatra Eternity, Nizam and Parineeta by 'Giantti from Gitanjali Luxury' and designer Neeta Lulla come together to present a fascinating fusion of international and ethnic cultural influences in a line that meshes western and Indian silhouettes, prints and designs with jewellery that offsets each facet of the collection. Adding to the luxury lexicon, Neeta's creations blend as easily with the exotic international look of a Stefan Hafner piece as with the classic elegance and modernity of a creation from Parineeta.

Also La Nouvelle Bague and Bliss from Italy team up with Nishka Lulla to present a collection that is youthful and funky, yet stylish and chic with jewellery that has an international appeal and a trendy look.

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