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How to Wear Silver Wool Shawls!
Have you ever worn a silver wool shawl? Yes, you heard me right. I'm not talking about a pin or a brooch. These silver shawls do exist. The metal is either coated onto the yarns or integrated into the polymer using nanotechnology. Hey, I've even seen a picture of Oprah wearing one of these somewhere on the Web.

Quicksilver Board Shorts
Quicksilver has been around since 1976 (right around the time surfing gained its popularity). The brand itself was created by two avid surfers, Rober B. McKnight and Jeffery Hackman. They wanted to create a brand of swim/surf wear that not only was attractive to the eye, but held its purpose, to be strong and light weight while swimming and surfing

Look Your Best With a New Pair of Diesel Jeans
From humble beginnings a pair of jeans has gone on to be the most popular form of casual clothing in the 20th century. Historically jeans were associated with manual labour and were worn as more of a form of protection than a fashion statement (oh, how times have changed)! Nowadays jeans are worn on a global basis by most people, either as a...

Reasons Why You Should Choose Marc Jacob Handbags Over Other Designer Handbags
There are numerous designers who are able to produce a wonderful number of accessories for women today including handbags. But among the ones that are proving to be the most sought after are the ones that Marc Jacobs designs. However, as there are so many different styles of Marc Jacob handbags to select from it could take some considerable time...

Boys Board Shorts
Boys board shorts are very similar to the men's styles. They come in the same assortment of colors, designs, and materials. The only difference would be the cartoon prints. It's not very common to see men in their 30's wearing Spiderman board shorts, but if your 5, that's a different story. Boys board shorts come in even sizes for instance 12, 14,...


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